The Story of Whale and Eagle

Haida Orca

Back in the time when Great Raven made things, animals roamed Earth in search for their place on it. High above soared Eagle with his black and white plumage. He was sad and lonely thinking he would never find a place amidst the world. One day he was gliding along the waves of the ocean. Day after day he would play with his shadow atop the waters. Whale noticed the dark spot on the water and went to see what it was, for she had searched for someone to share her journey. She raised her head above the waves and called to Eagle. She spoke of how she had wandered the relative emptiness of the sea. Eagle and Whale spent every day at the ocean talking and sharing things each would bring from their worlds. They soon fell deeply in love, but grew more sad than ever before. For they were living in separate worlds. One day when Eagle came at sunrise, Whale swam deep down, then she turned upwards and rushed to the surface until she broke through. While she was in mid-air they mated. Their children can still be seen and heard in the oceans today. They are the Orcas, the same colors as their father and breaching the water as their mother had that day when two worlds united in a love so strong that nothing could keep them apart.

(as told to Julee by her grandmother)

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