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Kasatka (1978-2017 SeaWorld California)
Orca News

These are news about captive orcas only (with a few exemptions). If you are interested in news about wild orcas, I suggest the fabulous Orca Network!

October 17, 2018:

The latest effort to free Lolita, the last southern-resident killer whale from Washington state waters still alive in captivity, has been rejected by a federal appeals court. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in a decision Tuesday rejected a petition to reopen a lawsuit over the treatment of Lolita at the Miami Seaquarium, where she lives in the country’s smallest orca aquarium.

Source: Seattle Times

September 25, 2018:

Morgan gave birth at Loro Parque last Saturday. The gender of her calf is not known yet. Loro Parque obtained Morgan via a controversial decision by a Dutch court, after the young orca had been discovered malnourished and disoriented on the Dutch coast.

Source: WDC

Note September 27, 2018: it's a girl.

August 6, 2018:

Two more young orcas have been ripped from their family in Russian waters. No further details are known at this time but it can be assumed that these whales will be sold to the growing Chinese market.

Source: Erich Hoyt

April 6, 2018:

Dominant female Katina suffered a severe injury to her dorsal fin while interacting with her tank mates at SeaWorld Florida. The exact details of the incident are not known (what, no CCTV?). She's currently separated from some of the other orcas to receive treatment for her wound, but is together with her younger offspring Nalani and Makaio. It has to be seen what this development means for her status within the group.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

March 14, 2018:

  • Loro Parque plans to expand their orca facility in 3 to 4 years. (Loro Parque Orcas)

  • Japan's Port of Nagoya Aquarium and China's Chimelong Ocean Kingdow plan to collaborate on their breeding programs, with the focus on artificial insemination:
    "Port of Nagoya Aquarium will launch the nation's first collaborative research for breeding of killer whales this year. Since international criticism of Taiji, it has been difficult to obtain wild individuals to expand the gene pool and the fear of the disappearance of killer whales from Japanese aquariums in emerging. Basic research is expected to be completed by the year 2020 and we aim to realize breeding by artificial insemination with the goal to cooperate with a Chinese aquarium. In order to obtain new lineage, the Aquarium seeks cooperation with the world's largest aquarium in China and Macao, Zhuhai Ocean Kingdom, considering frozen sperm and trying artificial insemination at Nagoya." (The Chunichi Shimbun - article seems to be no longer available)

  • Chimelong Ocena Kingdom has laid the foundation for their display complex. (Zuhuai Daily, Zuhuai Daily)

  • SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby has resigned amid continuing attendance declines. Hopefully that doesn't change their promise to fade out SeaWorld's orca captivity program... (The San Diego Union-Tribune)
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