Junior had to spend the last four years of his short life in an awful tiny tank inside a windowless store cynically called the "warehouse" (because arriving dolphins were "stored" there before they were declared ready for the public pool). During this time he was without sunlight and outside air. To make things even worse he often had to share the already little space with several dolphins.
Junior died in 1994 after havíng been abused probably the most of all captured whales.
Marineland Ontario's owner John Holer has always refused to give any information on this hidden tank and has been quite violent with journalists and protesters who nevertheless kept asking. How the Canadian government can allow this person running his business like that is beyond my understanding.

pictures of Junior provided by Zoocheck, Tiggerlily, Rachel Cali, and Laurie Néron.

pictures of Junior provided by Emily Whelan.
Junior in Iceland?
pictures of Junior provided by HaH.

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